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The trailer/sizzle reel for The Real Golden Girls of Boca Raton, which I created and produced in Summer 2009


Executive Producers; Greg Garry & Tiffany Pentz. Director of photography; Tim Spellman. Editor; Gabriella Kessler. Titles; Borys Jarymovich. Sound Editor; Jay Isrealson. Consulting Editor; Victor Masnyj. Big thanks to Doug Kennedy, Eric Rayman, Dave Simkins, Boni Miller and the girls of Lips Ft Lauderdale.

Starring Roz Owitz, Sheila Farley, Ruth Miller, Estelle Finkel, and Holly Carroll,


A new doc-series for television from G&T Productions
Creators & Executive Producers: Greg Garry & Tiffany Pentz

Logline: The Real Housewives series meets the Golden Girls, with a dash of Sex in the City and Cocoon.

Synopsis: A sneak peek into the lives of 5 sassy older women, living it up in style after retirement in the hot and humid climate of South Florida.

Themes: Growing older with style, friendship, love, men, dating, sex, poolside gossip, children/grandchildren, money, staying fit, shopping, eating, plastic surgery/image maintenance, continuing education, bingo, bridge, health